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All courses in the graduate certificate in charitable planning may be completed online, with the first online courses beginning in August, 2011.  No campus visits are required.  The sequence of four courses will typically be offered every academic year, although students do not need to complete the entire program within a single academic year.  Potential students are encouraged to submit all application materials at least three months prior to projected initial enrollment.  Once each cohort of students is full, additional student acceptances may be delayed for an additional semester.

The Graduate Certificate in Charitable Financial Planning is targeted towards working professionals in the fields of financial advising or fundraising.  The certificate requires the successful completion of four graduate courses:

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PFP 5325: Introduction to Charitable Giving
PFP 5326: Advanced Charitable Planning
PFP 5327: Charitable Giving: Research & Marketing
PFP 5328: Planned Giving : Demographics and Decision-Making
12 credit hours (4 courses of 3 credit hours each)
All coursework may be completed online
Prerequisite: Bachelors degree
Completion time varies.  Typically all courses are offered during the course of each academic year.
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Text Box: Graduate Certificate 
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