Application Process

No GRE or other entrance exam is required for this program. (TOEFL is required for international students.)  A bachelor’s degree is required.


1. Let the Director of Graduate Studies in Charitable Financial Planning know you are applying either by e-mailing russell.james “at”


2.  Complete the Graduate Admissions Application.

· You can print out and mail in the paper form, which is available by clicking here.

- For STUDY OBJECTIVE check “Graduate Certification (GCERT)” and write “Charitable Financial Planning” as the concentration.

- The $50 application fee can be mailed with the application or paid online by clicking here.

· You may apply online at

- Once arriving at “start a new blank application” select “create a new graduate school admissions application”. 

- Select Texas Tech University as the target university. 

- For “select your major” choose “Graduate Certificate Program”.

- For “major area of interest” write “Charitable Financial Planning”. 

- For “Degree you will seek” select “Certification”. 

- At the end select, “CCFP - charitable financial planning” as your graduate certificate.


3.  Send your undergraduate transcripts to: Texas Tech University Office of Graduate Admissions, Box 41030, Lubbock, TX, 79409-1030






Text Box: Department of Personal Financial Planning, Texas Tech University, COHS, Box 41210, Lubbock, TX 79409-1210, Tel: (806) 742-5050, Fax: (806) 742-5033
Text Box: The Graduate Certificate 
 in Charitable Financial Planning
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Text Box: Graduate Certificate 
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