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Estate & Gift Planning
The primary purpose of this course is to introduce gift, estate, and generation skipping transfer taxation and apply those tax rules to typical financial planning applications. The course endeavors to bring together academic and professional knowledge to illustrate the application of that knowledge when assisting clients with the estate planning process.  The planning portion of this course focuses on the application and synthesis of the knowledge base (gift, estate, and generation skipping transfer taxation) within the context of comprehensive financial planning.


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Course Outline
Introduction to Estate Planning (Chapter 1)
Estate Planning Documents (Chapter 2)
Property Interests (Chapter 3)
Probate Process (Chapter 4)
Gift Tax (Chapter 5)
Estate Tax (Chapter 6)
Transfers during Life & At Death (Chapter 7)
Generation Skipping Transfer Tax (Chapter 13)
Trusts (Chapter 8)
Charitable Giving (Chapter 9)
Unlimited Marital Deduction (Chapter 10)
Life Insurance in Estate Planning (Ch 11)
Post Mortem Estate Planning (Chapter 12
Basic Estate Plan (Chapter 14)
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